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SWIFT CURRENT, SASK. — The riding of Cypress Hills- Grasslands is named after the two provincial parks in the area. It’s a largely rural riding, with Swift Current being the only city in its boundaries. The riding also includes Maple Creek, Assiniboia, Shaunavon, Elrose, Gravelbourg, Chaplin and Kindersley. Bid now for your chance to win the ultimate Cypress Hill package! Meet Cypress Hill with 2 tickets from their guest list to the show of your choice. You’ll also receive: Skull and Compass Cypress Hill dickies jacket, made special for crew members of the 2012 Smokeout Festival. Never for sale to the public! Cypress Hill rolled into Seattle with the Snoop Dogg Mount Kushmore Wellness Retreat Tour. With a little help from the Lyon Pride Music weed bus, Cypress Hill made a stop at the Green Lady Marijuana store up in Lynnwood. A couple hundred fans made the trip to meet the group and get pictures/autographs with the legends. Lip Sync Battle Breakdown - Cypress Hill Meets the Hamptons Season 5 E 3 • 02/01/2019 Justine Marino develops a newfound respect for Brooklyn Decker's yacht-chic hip-hop stylings, and Akilah Hughes explains why Serena Williams is the real winner of this battle. Meet Santa at Cypress Hills Cemetery event. Come celebrate the holiday season and enjoy a holiday train ride then visit with Santa for pictures, gifts and mi.

Join us for our 6th annual Meet Santa at Cypress Hills Come by on Saturday, December 9th 1pm to 4pm to enjoy holiday train rides, hot chocolate and cookies, and visit with Santa for a picture and a gift. Admission free to all. Join us on Saturday, December 8th as we celebrate the Holiday Season with our 7th Annual Meet Santa Event. Our event will feature a Holiday Train ride and pictures, gifts and hot chocolate with Santa! The event is free for all! Register now using the link below: Register Now.

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DJ Muggs wurde als DJ von Cypress Hill erstmals einem breiteren Publikum vorgestellt. Danach und auch während seiner Tätigkeit bei Cypress Hill brachte er mehrere Alben heraus. 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